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  Dr. Arthur Caplan, PhD.

Dr. Arthur Caplan, PhD.

[Hard To Believe is] an important, timely and deeply disturbing account of one of the great human rights abuses of our time.
— Dr. Arthur Caplan, PhD, Founding Director of the Division of Medical Ethics, NYU
 Video Librarian Magazine

Video Librarian Magazine

Also including a study guide, this illuminating, often deeply unsettling PBS-aired documentary is highly recommended.
— Video Librarian, The Video Review Magazine for Libraries, Vol. 31
 Lance F. Howard, PhD.

Lance F. Howard, PhD.

 Journal of Bioethical Inquiry

Journal of Bioethical Inquiry

midwestbook review HTB.gif
I have shown shocking documentaries about human rights abuses in my World Geography classes before, but what I liked about ‘Hard To Believe’ is that it addresses the shock itself...My students were riveted to their seats until the end.
— Lance F. Howard, PhD, Senior Lecturer of Geography, Clemson University
Extremely important for those involved in organ donation and transplantation, human rights, healthcare, ethics, and the law.
— Journal of Bioethical Inquiry
Highly recommended especially for public and college library DVD collections.
— The Midwest Book Review, Library Bookwatch

Suitable For Studies In:

  • Medical Ethics / Bioethics / Ethics (Arts)
  • Nursing and Public Health
  • International Studies, Politics and Law
  • Social Studies and Human Rights
  • Asian Studies


  • Directed by two-time Emmy Award-winner, Ken Stone.
  • 56 minutes long and broken into chapters for ease of use in the classroom.
  • Includes a 32-pa ge study guide, including discussion questions for classrooms.
  • Available on DVD or online streaming

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