Request Sponsorship For Your Screening

Sponsorship is not guaranteed and may take time to arrange, but we will do our best to help connect you with a sponsor for your event to cover the screening fees if you are unable to buy them but are willing to give your time to organize a screening.

By requesting sponsorship for your screening, you agree to the following conditions: 

  • To email a brief event summary and 2 or more photos after the event to screenings [at] swoopfilms [dot] com.
  • To thank the sponsor in the welcome and closing speech at each sponsored event.
  • Use the email list sign-up form at each screening and to provide a copy to Swoop Films after the event. I understand that I can use the addresses for my organization and that addresses provided to Swoop Films will be used only for communication related to the film.
  • If you are unable to complete any of the above requirements due to the type of audience expected at the event (e.g. a VIP screening) please advise Swoop Films at the time of the request in the “Notes” field below.
  • I will notify Swoop Films immediately if any of the above event details change.
  • I understand that Swoop Films will notify me if/when a sponsor has been found for each screening.
  • I understand that this request does not guarantee sponsorship.

Complete this form to request sponsorship

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Organizer Name
Single Screening License: for a single screening of 'Hard To Believe'; Unlimited Community Screening License: to screen 'Hard To Believe' for an unlimited number of times.
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Shipping Address
To receive your screening DVD, license, and printed Study & Discussion Guide


By hosting a screening license for “Hard To Believe”, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. The public screening license only allows you to show “Hard to Believe” in public on the specific date and at the specific venue that you provide in this order form. If the screening date and/or venue change, you must notify Swoop Films immediately, otherwise the screening will be a breach of copyright.
  2. Event dates and venues do not need to be final at time of purchasing the license, but final event details must be provided to Swoop Films prior to the event, otherwise the screening will be a breach of copyright.
  3. Screening events held prior to the official release of the film in your region will be private, invitation-only events. These events will not be advertised or promoted to the public in any form.
  4. You will take all necessary steps to prevent the unauthorized recording and/or taping of “Hard To Believe” by audiences at any screening conducted by you, and will immediately notify Swoop Films of any unauthorized use of the “Hard To Believe” by third parties.
  5. You will not make copies of, resell, distribute, alter, modify, or adapt the film “Hard To Believe” or any part of the film in any way or in any form. Specific film excerpts and promotional materials are available at the website and upon request to Swoop Films.
  6. Agree that the copy of “Hard To Believe” that you receive cannot be used for solicitation to public commercial enterprises or other public businesses such as Television, Theatre, Corporation, etc.
  7. You agree to report to Swoop Films the results of the screening: locations, approximate audience and any results from the screening that you think are appropriate.  
  8. Swoop Films will post the license package(s) within 7 days after receiving the completed order form with full payment. Swoop Films will not be held responsible or liable in any way for shipping errors or delays after the package has been sent. Swoop Films will not be held liable for any cancellations that may occur due to a film not being delivered.
  9. The film “Hard To Believe” must not be used to promote or endorse any product or service, except the screening of the film itself, without written permission from Swoop Films.
  10. Advertising of the screening to the general public is permitted and encouraged. Advertising templates are available on the website
  11. Any advertising deemed inappropriate by Swoop Films must be immediately altered or removed upon request to the licensee by Swoop Films.