Essential Research on the
Medical Crime of Organ Harvesting

Since 2006, a field of research on forced organ harvesting from prisoners of conscience in China has been undertaken and published by independent researchers, investigators, including doctors, journalists, and non-governmental organizations. The research and evidence continues to grow. 



Bloody Harvest / The Slaughter: AN UPDATE (Free PDF Download)

By David Kilgour, David Matas, and Ethan Gutmann, 2016, as presented to U.S. Congress and numerous Parliaments around the world.



State Organs: Transplant Abuse in China

By David Matas (editor) and Torsten Trey (editor), Seraphim Editions, 2012


Bloody Harvest: Organ Harvesting of Falun Gong Practitioners in China

By David Matas and David Kilgour, Seraphim Editions, 2009




Hard To Believe

By Ken Stone, Irene Silber, Kay Rubacek, Stone Soup Productions, Swoop Films, 2015

Human Harvest

By Leon Lee, Flying Cloud Productions, 2014

Red Reign

By Masha Savitz, 2013


Smoke and mirrors: Unanswered questions and misleading statements obscure the truth about organ sources in China By Rogers, Wendy A, Trey, Torsten, Fiatarone Singh, Maria, Bridgett, Madeleine, Bramstedt, Katrina, Lavee, Jacob, Journal of Medical Ethics, 2016; 42 (8): 552-553.

Here’s what Australia can do to help end the Chinese organ trade
By Rogers W., The Conversation, 9 August 2016

China’s terrible transplant secret
By Rogers W., Journal of Medical Ethics Blog, 6 May 2016

Hard To Believe Review
By Holly Northam, Journal of Bioethical Inquiry, Mar. 30, 2016 13: 353. doi:10.1007/s11673-016-9717-1

Historical development and current status of organ procurement from death-row prisoners in China
By Kirk C. Allison, Arthur Caplan, Michael E. Shapiro, Charl Els, Norbert W. Paul and Huige Li, BMC Medical Ethics 2015, 16:85, Dec. 2015.

China’s Semantic Trick With Prisoner Organs
By Kirk C Allison, Norbert W Paul, Michael E Shapiro, Charl Els, and Huige Li, The BMJ blog, Oct. 2015.

Bleaching Organ Procurement Crimes in China
By Jacob Lavee, MD, The International Society for Heart & Lung Transplantation Newsletter, Vol 6, Issue 10, Feb. 2015.

Organ Procurement from Executed Prisoners in China
By A. Sharif, M. Fiatarone Singh, T. Trey and J. Lavee, American Journal of Transplantation, 14: 2246-2252, 2014.

The Use of Prisoners As Sources of Organs -- An Ethically Dubious Practice
By Arthur Caplan. The American Journal of Bioethics. 11 (10): 1–5, Oct. 2011


International Coalition to End Transplant Abuse in China

Doctors Against Forced Organ Harvesting

Global Bioethics Initiative

Donate Life America

American Transplant Association

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